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Will the temperature of the buried lamp really burn the child?

2018-03-23 16:03:45

Underground lights are not always at high temperatures

Last night, the reporter successively visited the Baihua District Junhua Xiangbai Community, the Tianhe District Times Peanut Community, the Haixinsha Asian Games Park and the Zhujiang New City Huacheng Square. It was found that the small-size circular buried lights on the district and the square were basically not hot. About 30 °C ~ 40 °C or so.

In the end, what kind of buried light is in danger of being burned? The reporter found in Huacheng Square, a kind of circular buried lamp placed under the tree and emitting white light. This kind of circular buried lamp with a larger diameter has a very high temperature, and it feels very hot when the hand is on it. Bounce. The thermometer taken by the reporter detected that the buried lamp had exceeded the maximum value of 60°C and it was estimated that the body temperature was between 80°C and 100°C.

Around the tree light string less heat is not hot

At present, the color buried lights used in public places in China are basically LED lamps. The number of lamp beads, light efficiency, and power determine the surface temperature. LED color underground light power is about 20W, and the light efficiency is high. After continuous lighting, the surface temperature can be controlled at about 50°C. The landscape lighting of buried lamps has high requirements on the brightness. Some products belong to the traditional metal halide lamps or high pressure sodium lamps. The power is generally more than 100 watts. The brightness is high but the luminous efficiency is low. About 60% of the electric energy is converted into heat energy. Therefore, the surface temperature can reach above 100°C. Parents should remind children to try not to touch these beautifully-looking landscape lighted underground lights to avoid scalding.
On both sides of some sections of Huacheng Square, Grandview Plaza, Zhongshan Avenue, and Guangzhou Avenue, there is a string of colored tree lights to beautify the night scenes of urban roads. Are these landscape lighting spotlights and string lights safe?

The reporter touched the large-scale landscape lighting spotlight and the tree-wrapped lamp with his hands and discovered that both plastic and silicone insulation were used, and the temperature was not very high. Experts told reporters that this string of lights around the tree is generally illuminated by a lamp with a power of only a few watts. The surface is covered with silicone and has less heat and will not be hot.

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